sun moon
1 RAT = ETH    |    USD

The Rare Antiquities Token…
own the past…
create your future!

Bridging the gap between real world art and digital art.
Fractionalization allows digital ownership of a famous piece of art without needing to spend millions.

Collective ownership of iconic and historical digitalized real world art!

Fractionalization is also a unique way to unlock liquidity of high valued real world art and
creative a second revenue stream without ever losing ownership of your physical piece.

Reap the benefits of the first and only automated NFT fractionalization platform
Art and artefacts worth millions can be owned without the price tag for the entire piece
Reward yourself with the entire piece of art by owning the majority of fractions and force buying out remaining fraction owners
Every fraction has the Certificate of Authenticity encrypted inside to ensure legitmacy and provenance

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